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Willie W. Webfoot introduces you to the wonders of the Web

Navigating the World Wide Web

"Saddle your dreams afore you ride 'em."
—Mary Webb

An Overview of the World Wide Web
If you've never seen the World Wide Web, or if you've done a bit of surfing but don't really understand what's going on, then you might appreciate this introduction page.
Finding Something On The Web
Looking for general information on a subject? Or are you seeking a specific web site? These search and index links will help you find what you want.
A Consumer's Guide to Search Engines
Already familar with search engines but want to improve your understanding of how they work and how to work with them? This page is a great starting point for more in-depth research.
Netscape Hints
If you use Netscape to browse the web, here are a few hints to make your surfing easier and more fun.
Fun With Multimedia On The Web
Find the right helper application for sound, video, and other fun stuff on the web.
Saving Pages for Future Reference
This page will teach you how to add a site to your favorites or bookmark list, so you can find it again.


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