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Other sources of Eudora help Tips on E-mail Netiquette
"Reading is like permitting a man to talk a long time, and refusing you the right to answer."
—Ed Howe

A few hints to get you started

  • Test your configuration by sending mail to yourself.
  • Remember to keep your replies in context. Have you ever gotten a phone message like "That's a great idea, Jim, let's work on it Monday." The only problem was that you didn't know which idea the person was talking about. E-mail can be like that.
  • Keep your replies to messages to the point. Only include the important comments and questions from the original message.
  • Just like in life, it never hurts and often helps to be polite and courteous when sending e-mail.

E-Mail Netiquette Resources
We've linked to the pages that deal directly with electronic mail, but all of these sources contain excellent information on other internet- related topics.

Online Netiquette Uncensored
A very comprehensive site for teaching "Online Social Graces for Newbies and Lazy Netizens."
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette
Arlene Rinaldi, the Miss Manners of the Internet, outlines some common sense guidlines on both the form and storage of electronic mail and files.
Netiquette Home Page
Information and resources on the etiquette of online communication provided by Albion.com.
Communicating with People
Tracy LaQuey's on-line version of the book "The Internet Companion" contains a detailed chapter that covers all kinds of e-mail issues.


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